Baltimore to Salt Lake City


After roughly 33 hours of driving, I am here in Utah!

If you missed my introduction post, my name is Patrick Smith, a former Baltimore based freelance photojournalist. With the move, I am taking Mario’s old staff position at The Daily Herald. I’m really, really excited to meet everyone there (and other shooters in the area) and get to work.

I start Aug.17, but the next three days I am searching non-stop for a place to live. Yep, I drove all the way here without a place lined up to live. Yikes! So if you have any suggestions (actual apartments/condos) drop me an e-mail ( I am hoping to either be close to downtown or live in Murray somewhere.

Until I find a place, I am camped out in the Hilton in downtown Salt Lake City. Don’t worry, I used, so I am paying $60/night compared to $120+/night!

Anyways, Utah is gorgeous! The light is beautiful. And NOTHING like dangerous, murder-filled Baltimore!


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