Its been real

Later, Utah Photojournalism.

You will always be remembered as: great friends, amazing shooters and face-melting inspirations. I’ll miss your friendships, long nights drinking, company on the sidelines, and support. There is no photo community like Utah, but wherever I land next – county, city, state, or country – I’ll be sure to take what I learned here with me there.

This is my sign off. Its been real. Love you. Mean it. Coin for life.



  1. says

    “For those about to rock, we salute you…”

    Hey man, don’t sign off here. Just cuz you are not living in Utah proper does not mean you have to leave this community. Keep postin’ from wherever you may find yourself. Besides, you’ll miss the witty commentary and “face-melting” work here, right?

  2. says

    crap, mili and I got tatooes of you and ms. panos on our respective backs…it was supposed to be a cheer up when you returned. hmmm, maybe they can make them into princess leah and han solo….you better hope so Pat. stay in touch holmes.

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