Things They Left Behind

Demolition began at the Far West Motel in Kaysville today. The 44-year-old motel and other buildings on Main Street will be cleared to make room for a $6.5 million townhouse development on the 2.9-acre site, now owned by Destination Homes. Residents received an eviction notice from the owner in July and left behind many personal items.
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    Its amazing what people leave behind. There used to be two adjacent pieces of property growing up in Texas with two houses on them that were totally abandoned with all apparent belongings intact and one of them with ancient food on plates still on the kitchen table. I’d always wondered what happened to those people and absolutely kick my 10 year old self for not finding a camera to document them back in 1980. They were amazing.

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    In line with what Bryan is talking about, several years ago a friend of mine and I were poking around at an abandoned mine in southern Utah. The buildings were unlocked so we went in them. Calendars on the wall were all turned to the same month in 1983. Pencils filled the pencil holders. Papers waited to be filed.

    It was surreal.

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    Exploring random creepy abandoned (possibly haunted) places is one of my favorite things to do and photograph. I’ve been to a few ghost towns, army bases, hotels…love it.

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