STG0414 chef craig 01

STG0414 chef craig 01

Chef Craig Haslebacher poses with the plaque he claims to have earned by defeating Bobby Flay in an episode of Iron Chef and one of his signature dishes at his new St. George restaurant, the Black Pearl, Wednesday, April 10, 2013.


  1. Alana says

    Pants on fire indeed! Craig’s “signature dish” recipes…. one was a great salmon recipe I shall not name for legal reasons……. and others….were given to him by a successful retired chef. I know… yes, I have proof.. it’s on my computer! ! He also claims to have experience in years of 20 or 30 or 40, depending on where you read it. Actual experience….. cooking school in 2005… wouldn’t have passed but someone else did ALL his homework for him!!! …… internship in Las Vegas at Bellagio as a roaming kitchen assistant. (He claims to have run the banquet area…. don’t tell THEM…. they’d not be happy about THAT whopper… especially the guy who REALLY ran banquets!! First job in 2006. So we have… hmm… I count 6 years maximum…. with probably at least a year in between all of his 25-30 jobs during that time…. so maybe 5 is more accurate. (Oh, excuse me…. he flipped greasy hamburgers for a couple of weeks in the Navy before working his way into being a driver.. and went from there to being a long-haul truck driver for over 20 years.)

    His character is “questionable”… if you want to be kind, but he has a very convincing manner…. full of humor ……. to distract the listener. If you look into his background, however, you will find a very different person than you expect. Married 6 times, judgments and collections galore…. one for $40,000 and growing. Once he was married to one woman and engaged to three others…. at the same time! Pants on fire…… yes…..Burning away!! As in “liar, liar, pants on fire!” Want proof? I’ve known him for 25 years, and I would be happy to verify. As would many others I’m sure. Read some of the comments on his new restaurant. They don’t believe all the claims he makes about himself and his cooking (smart people), especially after going there expecting something great and getting… well, let’s be kind and say…not what they expected. He’ll be there awhile, then move on as always. Or shall we say run…. that’s what he does best. Good luck Craig! You’ll need it.

  2. Jackie Ellsworth says

    I worked for
    craig in a retirement community and, of course, heard the whole
    bobby flay story vegas,etc. He had all these wonderful plans for the dining facility at the retirement community and then he just up and left. Some of us left good jobs or turned down good jobs to stay and work for him. I always wondered why Utah all of a sudden looked good and why he kept moving around. hmmm what a flake….or FAKE as it would be. Shame on you Craig!!!

  3. Michele says

    I am really sick and tired of ex-wives and disgruntled employees talking about a man who has done wonderful things to change peoples lives with food. The restaurant at the retirement community did open and was very successful. He didn’t just up and leave. He was required by management to change his style of cooking fresh and to cook out of a box for seniors. That was unacceptable to him. Some of us didn’t have jobs and left the employ of the retirement community that you worked for to accept other jobs….better or not! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks as the old saying goes. People should get lives and find better things to do than to spread lies. Flakes and Fakes….hum calling the kettle black! Shame on both of you!!!

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