Good Times at Photo Night

Hey everyone, I had a great time at yesterday’s photo night. The feedback was fantastic, and it was nice to finally meet some of the names I’ve been seeing on these posts. It was also encouraging to see the discussion often turn towards questions I’d been asking myself.

I’ve posted more images from my Club Sound shoot on my Facebook page, as well as albums from both of this year’s Holi Festivals.

Thanks again!

The Legend of Buddy Guy

Thought you guys might appreciate this, especially if you’re blues fans. I spent last week in Chicago doing immersion classes at Second City, and on Monday night I brought my camera down to Buddy Guy’s Legends, a well-known blues club at the south end of The Loop. As luck would have it, Buddy Guy himself showed up to sing a few songs, and I was able to get this shot and a few others, posted here. Since it was Open Jam night–where musicians are free to sign up to take a turn on stage–I brought a pair of drumsticks along for the event. Luckily Buddy had left long before I got up to embarrass myself.

Pastel Paradise

I don’t know if this post qualifies as “timely” anymore (it definitely doesn’t qualify as “unique”), but I finally got together a few shots from last weekend’s Holi Festival of Colors. Ten minutes after the first color throw, people started sliding headfirst down the hill in front of the temple, and luckily I was right on top of it.

See more of my shots from the eventΒ here.

Special thanks to this article by Scott Jarvie. Without it I probably wouldn’t have braved the event with my camera. It was also cool to see some of you guys out in the field. I haven’t had the chance to meet many of you yet; mostly I’ve just been enjoying your posts from afar. Hopefully I’ll bump into more of you soon.

Stage Right: Velour 5th Anniversary Show

Friday night the Velour Live Music Gallery celebrated its 5th anniversary with a show that featured Jennifer Blosil, The Neighbors, The Vibrant Sound, and The Imagine Dragons. The venue was so crowded that I pretty much got stuck in the same position stage right for the whole evening, but I was still able to get some decent shots out of the effort. Click here to see more from the show.