Unpaid Internships On the Way Out?



“…the circumstances under which a company can take on unpaid workers are defined, specific, and narrow. The Department of Labor says that in order to be legitimate under the Fair Labor Standards Act, unpaid internships must meet six stringent criteria, including providing training from which the company gets no immediate benefit (presumably ruling out coffee-fetching and envelope-licking) and not assigning interns to tasks that displace regular employees. What’s more, the federal criteria note, on a fundamental level the internship experience must be “for the benefit of the intern.”

Interesting article on the recent ruling in favor of an unpaid intern and other lawsuits that are pending.
Thoughts on this?

Job Opening at the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin

Hello everyone! I plan on elaborating on my future plans in another post but right now I am tasked with finding my replacement, I am leaving the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin.  The newspaper is looking to hire someone ASAP so if you know of someone who is interested please have them email me.

Full time Photo Editor wanted for immediate opening.

The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin, an award-winning twice-weekly newspaper in Tooele County, seeks a multi-talented full-time chief photographer/photo editor. Responsibilities include:

  • Photograph newspaper assignments.
  • Edit and prepare images for print.
  • Collaborate, organize and maintain communication with writers on their assignments.
  • Develop and supervise a small network of freelance photographers and an occasional high school intern.
  • Manage photo archive.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Ideal candidates will be resourceful, proactive, organized and a college graduate.   A high level of proficiency required in Canon cameras and lenses, Adobe software and Apple computers.  Please send your resume, references, cover letter detailing salary requirements and portfolio to:

Maegan Burr mburr(at)tooeletranscript.com and Dave Bern: bern(at)tooeletranscript.com

58 North Main Street Tooele, UT 84074


WSBK- Attitude Turns

This was my fifth World Superbike Race at Miller (I think) and I had myself convinced that I could get through an entire race season without visiting the attitude turns.  As Scott’s primer points out the you do get a great series of stacked bikes or cars from that vantage point but it is very over photographed.  The shuttle system was even centered around the series of turns this year, so that is how I found myself at the attitude turns at the beginning of race two just as Hiroshi Aoyama wrecks.

I’m still going to try to not shoot the series of corners again this season. I have a better chance of photographing a unicorn there than catching another wreck. For those that find themselves out at Miller again check out the clubhouse turn series. I’m really digging it right now, you can stack vehicles like the attitudes or divide the corners and get separate bikes or cars like the photo below.  I shot all of these with a 400, but its not a necessity near the clubhouse turns (I had very little room to crop- less than an inch on each side)