“Colors” in b&w


I looked back at the 1,100 or so photos I made at the Colors Festival Saturday, and was curious about which ones worked without depending on color. I used to work with picture editor/guru Bryan Moss in San Francisco who stressed content over photo “tricks” and gimmicks. So I decided to strip out the color in my edit and see which ones still held my attention.

I ended up with these five that had moments in them that made me feel something.


upjHOLI 290b ss


upjHOLI 442b ss


upjHOLI 680b ss


upjHOLI 1386b ss


upjHOLI 1272b ss

Holi Instagram

Here are some shots from Holi that I took on my iPhone and edited with Instagram just for fun. :)

I had a really good time going to Holi this weekend (except for the traffic, ugh!). I’m already planning on flying in again next year! I wish they had a celebration as big as this in Texas.